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Sean Kim

3D printing has promised to change the way we approach making things; potentially allowing people to create their own objects without access to mass-manufacture. However, this promise has not been fully met; the types of objects that are freely available are not particularly useful: mostly novelties and toys. YourFurniture aims to get closer to that promise by allowing anyone to make their own furniture from off the shelf hardware and material with the aid of 3d printed tools and hardware. YourFurniture provides plans, step by step instruction, printed hardware and tools — all for free under a creative commons license — that allow anyone to make furniture inexpensively and easily. In doing so, I hope to encourage people to take advantage of widely available and inexpensively priced consumer 3d printers, allowing them to participate in the creation of their physical surroundings.

Sean is the founder and principal of Wooj, a product company focused on 3D printing and other technologies that enable domestic production of expertly designed products.

Sean has a background in psychology, software engineering, and product design. Having worked in the relentless and fast-paced startup world as both a designer and engineer, he brings a unique perspective to product design, combining his abilities as a psychologist, programmer, and designer to create products that are simultaneously complex, yet approachable.

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