Embarassment in Gynecology:
Redesigning the Orientation Kit

Angie Weixue Zhang

Embarrassment is ubiquitous in human social life, and it unfolds before us all the time. When we think about embarrassment, the scenes cross our minds that are not knowing what to do with your hands. Or, offering a handshake when the other person offers a fist bump;  Overhearing a couple breaking up; Forgetting someone's name or waving to the wrong person. It feels like the consequences of embarrassment that are far from trivial. However, embarrassment will even have a life or death consequence in medical settings.

At every stage in a woman’s life, an OB/GYN can provide a wide range of services that meet her health needs — from puberty through her child-bearing years, menopause and beyond. Obstetricians and gynecologists — or OB/GYNs — specialize in women’s health. Since OB/GYN is important to female health and the demand is increasing. There still are many bad experiences and embarrassing feelings about OB/GYN. Therefore, a big design potential exists in the OB/GYN procedure.

The whole procedure is revised by providing The Orientation Kit: Tote bag and Handhold Ball. 

Tote Bag: Unlike the usual tote bag, this tote bag could unfold entirely. And four components have helpful items for each step in the sequence of procedure; step 1 paperwork; Step 2 education brochure; Step 3 double-faced gown and step 4 reward pocket.  Flip it over, it turns to a small blanket which patients cover their body during the examination. The geometric graphic represents the female organs: ovary, uterus, and cervix.

Handhold Ball: It works as a buzzer by vibrating in the public waiting room. It is made of silicone so that patients can squeeze it. When patients feel extremely embarrassed and nervous, they instinctively press or squeeze it hard. Then, the ball will realize that they are under big pressure or super embarrassed, the LEDs will light up and lead them to three deep breaths to calm down a little bit.



Weixue Zhang is an industrial designer currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She is completing her Master's Degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and she also has a BA in Industrial Design in NWPU, China. Design for her is such a passionate thing and she believes that it makes people discover the new charm of life. In her design world, humor comes with depth, dynamic comes with static, she does apprentice the beauty of contrast. The world needs better design and she is proud that she is the one who is making efforts to achieve that goal.

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