Designed by
Nan Zhou

Story “Characters”
The population of Chinese immigration is large, and the numbers are still dramatically increasing. Most of them still want their kids, although they were born in other countries, to learn Chinese language for various reasons. However, overseas Chinese kids lack language learning and also cultural environment, and the current common learning methods are rigid and boring, which increases the difficulty. I designed a set of storytelling toys to help with the Chinese characters learning, for overseas Chinese preschool kids. The form of toys are from the “shape” of Chinese characters and also indicate its meaning, kids can use them to build up other words and to tell a certain traditional story or create their own stories. This set of toys can enlighten and attract kids’ interest on Chinese language and culture and let them learn in an easier and fun way.

Nan Zhou is a thesis year graduate student at Pratt Institute and majors in Industrial Design. She has got a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, majored in Product Design and Manufacture. As a creative and detail-oriented Industrial Designer with both art and engineering background, she has the passion and always fulfilled for identifying problems and finding solutions from different perspectives.

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