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Zilan Chen

The Mixo-suit Home
Rehabilitation system 
The Mixo-suit home rehabilitation system is a lower-body exoskeleton rehabilitation system for children with cerebral palsy, focusing on knee and ankle-foot rehabilitation training. It plays the role of 'remote therapist' for the families of children with cerebral palsy who cannot access a therapist. The system consists of two parts: a wearable soft exoskeleton combined with an easy-to-use rehabilitation app, allowing untrained parents to follow the app’s instructions to help their children perform rehabilitation exercises and check the training progress more easily, accurately, and efficiently.

Lan believes every child has equal rights to access medical care. He continually integrates design thinking and novel technologies on medical device design to improve people’s quality of life and alleviate social suffering, especially concerning vulnerable groups such as near-death patients and children with special needs.

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