Reintroducing the Chinese “Ta”:
An Ancient Idea for Living

Sisi Hong

The living room of today's Chinese young professionals follows the popular Western-pattern from the last generation; A television, a coffee table, a group of sofas form a standard pattern for a living room in the typical Chinese house. However, their life has sharply changed. Because of the advance of science and technology, the social function of their living room has weakened, but there was not enough corresponding improvement or strengthening of the family use function, causing low utilization rate and functional chaos in the living room space.

The contemporary Chinese living room tends to be filled with Western furniture and arranged in Western-style, but I found little familiarity with classical Chinese furniture and the traditional way of life. However, I found similarities and correlations between the ancient lifestyle of some Chinese dynasties and that of contemporary young professionals. Therefore, I considered designing new Chinese furniture based on young professionals’ customs and needs.

Drawing inspiration from a form of ancient Chinese furniture: centered by the “Ta”, served with accessories such as “An” and “Ji”, I designed a group of living room furniture, redefining the living room and re-introducing a new Chinese lifestyle to the public, better adapted the lives of young people. And probably in your next living room, you will consider buying a Ta other than a sofa.

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5 pieces of furniture design the project includes



Sisi Hong comes from China and values all her life experiences as part of her observation, which contributes to her design ideas. She cares about tangible products in daily life that close enough to people’s life and tried to work as a designer to create better products for a better life.

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