Designed By Yuxi Milky Luo

Food and Lust, design for sexuality education
When we talk about sex, the words that come to our minds are Porn/ Dirty / Taboo and Crime these kinds of negative words. Especially in Asian countries, sex is a word related a lot only to genitals and reproduction. However, sex should be a word related to pleasure, romance, and commitment. We forgot about the emotional bonding in sex and also ignore the meaning of sex in a closed and equal relationship.
Using food as an inspiration, this project creates a set of products as an invitation for couples to have equal/easy communication in their relationship, specifically in sexual life.
This design not only creates a way for couples to talk about their feelings but is also to achieve equal relationship study and gender issue study in sexuality education. This simple product opens the discussion within sexuality education and creates a more comfortable and easier communication within this topic. Which is to make sex a common topic to discuss, to achieve sexuality education by empowerment.

Based in both NYC the US and GZ China, Milky Yuxi Luo / 罗予希 treats herself as both a critical thinker and a cross-discipline designer. Her approach and study are experimental but practical. She believes that design thinking can do more things than it does today. Applying design thinking to social-related problems is one of her main focuses. She is always trying to learn new stuff and being able to experience more. She is and will always be passionate about her work.
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