Designed by
Quintin Boucher

Potential Heirlooms
Household appliances are a large contributor to the 16 kilo ton electronic waste stream produced each year.  Internally designed as a fragile ecosystem of parts, that comes grinding to a halt when one component stops working.
The kitchen contains products that have gone years without being changed or upgrade, providing the perfect vehicle to bring Right to Repair into the heart of the home.  Taking advantage of their similar functionality, the Potential Heirloom Toaster and Kettle are designed with compatible heating elements that are easily accessible using just a quarter to disassemble them.
Reducing manufacturing impact by utilizing similar components.  Creating an easier product to repair with no stress of breaking it more. Generating more electrical literacy and reducing our contributions to the e-waste streams by not prescribing an object's life to its weakest components.

Quin is an Industrial Designer focusing on circular economy and creating a better relationship with our objects. Utilizing an analog or digitally minimal approach with the desire to put experiences in the forefront and removing distractions and problematic gimmicks.

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