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Chia-Yuan (Caleb) Ko

Kicks Morphogen
This study examines customizing footwear within an algorithm-driven framework that provides physical products and derivative pieces of digital art in virtual space. In examination of shoe customization available today, one controversial issue has been the narrow changeable options with a low degree of control. On the one hand, multiple sport brands argue for performance-driven outputs tailored for professional athletes. On the other hand, independent footwear companies contend repurposed materials or noticeable color themes in a two-dimensional range as primary features. Little information is known about how customers will interact with 3D form-finding steps, data inputs and personal aesthetic choice in virtual space and the meaning behind each selection. The research findings show what type of customization processes should be prioritized, meanwhile demonstrate the preferred resources that customers are willing to incorporate and how the decision is made when reaching the final result. This study provides a list of recommendations on developing reformatted shoe-customization services and highlights the extensive business potential including but not limited to social media platforms or mobile applications.

Chia-Yuan (Caleb) Ko / 高嘉元, essentialist, industrial designer and sneaker geek. He explores the intersection encompassing 3D interactive fabrication, origami texture and procedural art visualization, bridging physical and digital experience.

His works are featured in international design communities such as Core77 Design Awards, IDA Design Awards, Global Footwear Award and Taiwan Design EXPO. He holds a BS in Industrial Design and currently a MID student at Pratt Institute.

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