Distraction Elimination Workstation

Kaiheng Zhang

Have you ever told yourself you could just play one Candy crushed and then start to work? Due to the increased activity on social media, procrastination today is related to social networks and Internet dependency. It is affecting people’s work efficiency, confidence, and well-being. However, in the current market, the solutions for procrastination are still underdeveloped. The majority of them are time management tools and apps that rely on the usage of the cell phone, which create new distractions. The other solution for boost productivity is encouraging procrastinators to get “unplugged” while working, which is unpractical. Since many tasks are relay on working with the computer, connect to the Internet, and communicate with others.

Therefore, This thesis focuses on finding a solution to getting users to engage with their digital tools while maintaining productivity. It aims to create a simple object to help people avoid procrastination during work, boost their motivation, and build their confidence. The distraction elimination workstation offers a nice and clean working environment that helps procrastinators become more focused while working with laptops.

Portable Workplace & Innovated Environment
The distraction elimination workstation offers a nice and clean working environment that helps procrastinators become more focused while working with laptops. The workstation is also capable of transfer into a standard size laptop bag that helps to organize all one needs for work. Users could easily carry it to any place such as the library, coffee shop, or use it at home, which equips them the possibility to access a distraction-free zone anywhere. When users travel with a computer, there is no need to bring an additional sleeve. The interior compartment of the workstations protects and cradles a laptop up to 15 inches.

Minimize Smartphone Distraction & Supervision
The effectiveness of the workstation is also relying on supervision from family and friends. The pocket on the back of the station is designated for the smartphone. By placing the phone into it, the user loses the accessing to the phone, which helps them to better force on their work with the laptop. Additionally, with the screen mirror technologies, the cell phone will board cast user’s laptop screens from cell phones. Therefore, others could help the user become more focused and avoid randomly browsing on the Internet. For privacy protection,the material of the cell, phone window is slightly blurred. Therefore, others would know if the user is working or just playing a game. However, sensitive information will be protected.

Time Visualization & Boots Motivation     
The workstation provides a simple way to the visualized time of working. Users can start timing by pressing the timing button on the right hand of the workstation, and the visualized time bar will show how much time there are spend on work. The user could easily understand how long they are off the phone and focus on working with a laptop, which motivates users for better performance.



Kaiheng Zhang is a product designer from Nanjing, China, and currently based in New Jersey. She holds a BA in Industrial design and an MA in Theory of Design Arts from Nanjing University of the Arts, where She explored incorporated traditional culture into contemporary design. Kai is currently completing a Master of Industrial design (MID) program at Pratt Institute. She believes that design is the media to communicate between people and objects, her design guided by creating simplicity and sublime beauty in everyday objects and problem-solving for daily life.

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