FFF: Fresh Food Favor

Jane Wei Chen Shih

Fanana: Banana would emit chemistry gas; ethylene, which can ripen itself and other fruits and veggies. Fanana with a flexible silicone opening can cover the stem entirely which can large reduce ethylene emitting. Upside down the banana let air circulation can go through whole bananas preventing bruising and dissipating ethylene. Moreover, it small and light that can easily store.

Ferbs: Ferbs can hang on the wall like a decoration in the house without wasting space. It provides good air circulation for the herbs. Even better, by capillary phenomena, it can water the herbs automatically. No more worry about drowned the herbs. The coconut coir can maintain enough moisture for the herbs, dependent on how much water itself needs. With it, users can enjoy fresh herbs at home at any time.

F Mat: F Mat can piece together depending on how many tomatoes you have for saving space and to replace the huge fruits basket. The bumping part can let the air go through the bottom of tomatoes but also block the stem, prevent losing moisture, and block the air and bacterias go in. It can also anti-slip, avoiding tomatoes rolling around on counter. F Mat with soft texture won't hurt the fruits it can also place other fruits nicely on tables.

F Cabinet: Potatoes and onions would sprout each other, but they share the same store requirements, like other root veggies. F Cabinet can store the root veggies for a longer time. The bottom drawer is for placing sawdust and straw to absorb extra moisture for roots veggies keep in right humidity. The dividers block air through each ingredient's compartment from avoiding them sprout each other. Make holes at the front door to let air goes into F cabinet to reach good ventilation.



I am Weichen Shih, Jane, a master's degree industrial design student from Pratt Institute. I specialize and interest in innovative design thinking, interaction design, and sustainability design. My bachelor's degree in Art and Design; therefore, I can appreciate design from the perspective of art, mechanism, and structure. Integrating design with different fields also is my strength. As an Asian international student, this allows me to have the advantage in cultural and design understandings from both east and west. I believe design is a path to help the society and people's life that becomes my passion and motivation.

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