Designed by Jiangyi Xu 

Homemade Bubble Tea System
This industrial design master’s thesis proposes a new homemade bubble tea system designed to address these problems by allowing users to make bubble tea at home only use six products within thirty minutes, in the meantime providing an opportunity for family and friends to communicate. Bubble tea is a popular drink in China nowadays, it becomes a symbol of lifestyle and connection. However, for all of its popularity, commercially produced bubble tea shares problems that have been identified with sugary soft drinks in the United States, such as their contribution to an unhealthy diet, their overuse of plastics, and limited variety of flavors. On the other hand, there is no systematic product for making bubble tea at home and the current bubble tea making process is confusing, complicated and time-consuming.

Jiangyi Xu is an Industrial Designer originally from China.She appreciates the aesthetic value of products. She is also interested in branding, graphic design and values all her experiences as part of her inspiration.
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