Designed by
Sophia Yimeng Sun

Watchya - Home Office motivation Tool
A system for working from home helps people get into working mode easily and keep them in working for a longer and healthier cycle in higher productivity. The system will be composed of an app and a physical product.
Pandemic makes lots of people turn to work from home. But some people just are not able to work from home in high productivity as they do in a third place. Work-from-home even makes some young people's procrastination even more serious. People have being studying centuries on how people will have a high productivity and get rid of procrastination. However, the problem is still existing. This project will interpret practical psychologic methods in the way of products. Try to make people have a conscious of emotion controlling and self-controlling and finally get working from home in a managed efficiency.According to my research, people tends to have an improved productivity while they are being observed. Also, there are scientific working time management for human brain. This project will use light and movement of a physical product to keep people in working mode. And an app for managing emotions and making schedules.

I am an industrial designer who is pursuing a natural life style. I keep thinking how design can make life easier and simpler, and it should be friendly to the environment as well. I am also interested in UI design, graphic design, space design and fashion design. And I am always trying to break the boarder of different design fields.
I prefer making real prototypes by hands rather than building 3d models and rendering pictures on computer.
I love the certainty of physical items but also enjoy the variability of the virtual world.


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