Designed by
Yiming Ding

Desk Organizer System
The "Wei" desk organizing system is a serial of products designed for storage and organization needs of various items, from office supplies like pens and daily items like glass to display items like family photos and cartoon figures. These products of different shapes are transformed from polyurethane leather with brass rods inserted, by combining with the pre-provided rails.The form emphasizes customizability of the design,Users can freely combine and arrange them to create a storage system that suits their own working environment.

Yiming graduated from Pratt Institute majored in Industrial Design in 2021. Six years of product design experience has made his goal to be: create products that people long for. The pursuit of design comes from bracing both life and challenge in his life. Yiming enjoys paying attention to each detail that is usually overlooked and solves the problem simply and comfortably. As a product designer, empathy is an essential ability to him, which has always led his inspiration to make people feeling contented through true design.

Instagram: yimingdesign


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