Designed by
Jiaxi Zhong

Nightrest - Bedridden Patient Mattress
Coexisting with chronic diseases like bedsores, urinary infection, venous thrombus and plum is a part of daily life for elderly bedridden patients. There are currently 249 million elderly people and 40 million bedridden and semi-bedridden elderly patients in China, while there are only 0.3 million registered professional nurses. The lack of a professional caregiver or nurse can create a heavy burden for family members and affects their daily work and ruin family relationships. In addition, these patients are at greater risk of acquiring infections and complications due to the nonprofessional care. Besides suffering from physical disease, elderly bedridden patients also need extra care in mental health and well being. Existing excretion products on the market, like adult diapers or urinary catheters, are prone to creating infections due to the urine. Designing a new bathroom relief process for bedridden patients would bring back patient’s dignity and ease the burden of patients’ family members. This mattress could obtain more than three times relief and keep the surface dry and clean so that family members only need to clean the mattress one time in the morning. It greatly reduced families member’s work at night and made them more energetic in daytime working and caring.

I’m Jessie, an industrial designer interested in exploring new materials and technology. Now, I’m focusing on the bedridden patients and wearable devices.

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